7 Days of Cash Infusions

By | September 6, 2016

I met Kate Beeders last year in Irvine, CA. At the time, I was at a marketing event but hadn’t slept well the night before. Kate was offering free laser coaching sessions at her booth. She gave me a business card that I still carry in my wallet today. But it’s not an ordinary business card. It’s a promise. On one side it says “What do I really want?” On the other side it says “I am feeling brilliant and grateful, now that…”

There is a blank to fill in the goal, a signature line, and a “Done by” date. Do you schedule in your dreams? Do you set a date to achieve them by?

Everyone has a right to choose how often they want to do something; this is my friend, Kate Beeders’ second time.

She’s waited a whole year to share her secrets with you on how to make Quick Cash in your business.  Kate’s an expert in mindset, money & marketing so this has been long waited for.

Think about how many times this past week, month and year, things have popped up and you needed the cash for them.

Maybe you needed a new computer?

Maybe you needed car repairs?

Maybe you needed a really important resource for your business?

Maybe you were invited to visit someone in Hawaii (or some really awesome destination)?

And you had to say “no”.

Being able to bring Quick Cash in is all about the power of “yes”.  Being able to say “yes” when you need something that pops up unexpectedly.

What if instead, you could say “YES” – yes to whatever you really needed.  Imagine how different you would feel?  Imagine what a difference that would make in your life to be able to say “YES” to anything you wanted to buy, instead of putting your business and life on hold.  Imagine how far you could actually go if nothing was stopping you.

Well, this week is Cash Infusion Week!

She’s going to be teaching you how to bring in Quick Cash whenever you need it through her complimentary Cash Infusion Week that will teach you exactly what you need to know to start manifesting that cash.
This is one of her most favorite expertise.  Kate knows how to do it and does it all of the time.  She even teaches her clients how to do it all the time, so let her show you.

She’s starting September 19thHere’s how to join.

Much love,


**P.S.  Start by saying “YES” today to learning how to manifest Quick Cash in your business.

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