Build Your Blog in a Week: Creating a WordPress blog is the smartest and fastest way to get your best ideas out there and realize your business dreams…

Plus keep your creativity flowing for years to come, even if you retire.


Build Your Blog in a Week WordPress Training Series

I offer two comprehensive WordPress Training Programs. How do you know which one is right for you?

Option 1 is for you if you want a free, fast way to set up your blog with Your focus is on sharing information, but you’re not necessarily selling products for a business. It’s fun and easy, and best of all, free! You can post PayPal buttons and sell products to some extent, but you’ll have to comply with WordPress’ user agreement.

Option 2 is for you if you want to sell products from your website. Your focus is on growing your business and expanding your client list. is free to download, but you’ll need to purchase hosting before you can start your blog. After that, you have an almost unlimited ability to customize your site, and you can sell whatever you want without having to worry about a user agreement.

  • Walk away with your WordPress account created.
  • Easily post to your blog whenever inspiration hits you.
  • Create pages you want on your site like your Bio page and Contact page. No hassle!
  • Build an enticing menu of content your visitors will love.
  • Find out how many people are coming to your website every day and what content is the most popular.
  • Moderate your Comments so that only what you want on your blog is visible.

With both courses, you’ll receive access to my exclusive, in-depth WordPress Training Program.

In your member’s area, you’ll get:
  • A workbook with all the steps you need to get your blog done in a week — all you need to know is compiled for you in a PDF.
  • Training videos that show you each step in under 5 minutes

No matter whether you purchase Option 1 or Option 2, I will send you an eCourse email every three days to introduce each lesson. In addition to all of the basics in the modules, in the course, you will learn:

  • How to Install
  • How to Change Your theme.
  • How to Customize Your Site Title and Tagline.


If you could create just one blog by hiring a web designer, you might spend anywhere from $400 to $1,200.

Here are some of the bonuses you’ll receive:

  • 3 live Q&A sessions

  • A private Facebook Discussion Group

  • Resources to help you at every step.

Check Out What Other People Are Saying About This eCourse

When my publisher recommended I start blogging to promote my books I sort of wanted to die. I’d tried blogging twice before and, both times, ended up spending a ton of time only to get a clunky, hard-to-use webpage nobody ever visited. However, using Gina Akao’s WordPress tutorials and project management services, I’ve been able to reach thousands of people in only a few months. Even more than that, with Gina Akao’s help, I’ve got a website so easy and intuitive to use that the entire process has become actual fun.

Ben Garrido, Author
Ben Garrido, Author

I like the length of every email, and how you help people to make their own decisions by providing enough information. The question-format is great! Your course is informative in a very practical way and it’s fun to read your material. It feels like you’re talking directly to me in a chatty, informal way and yet you bring across relevant information clearly and to the point. I loved every moment of reading it. For me to take action on something, it has to be fun, practical and informative – and you’ve certainly accomplished that!

Liesel Teversham
Liesel Teversham

Gina Akao has created a thorough WordPress Training package that I highly recommend. She skillfully takes her students through a simple, clear step-by-step process that not only makes learning easy, but mastery within reach. Her lessons are clear and succinct, yet contain enough detail to get you from A to B without any hassles. I look forward to seeing more courses from her and will continue to recommend them to people, as I know that she delivers quality.

Lucinda Curran
Lucinda Curran
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