PamealZiemann“I love working with Gina. She offers the perfect mix of showing you how
you can make changes to your website as well as doing the more technical
aspects for you. This hybrid model is exactly what I was looking for. She is
dependable and gives 110% to help you succeed in your online business.
I’m glad I gave myself relief from trying to figure it all out on my own.
She took a huge weight off my shoulders!”

–Pamela Ziemann, Creativity and Confidence Catalyst


Angie Spiteri
“I have to say that without Gina, I would never have been able to orchestrate my launch. Gina not only helped me with all the technical steps but was a sound board and advisor. Sharing her experience from past launches working with much bigger clients than me. She’s amazingly easy to work with, accommodating and patient.
–Angie Spiteri, Business Efficiency Specialist

ValDumond“I found Gina Akao while surfing the web for someone to help me set up and design a special blog to promote my new book. I contacted her and described my project. Oh my! What a help! She knew exactly what to do — and together we put together a work of art. She listened; she was savvy; and she taught me how to maintain the blog myself (with her at my back).”

–Val Dumond, Author, Pandora’s 100 Januarys


David Stipech

“Gina Akao is a highly talented, smart, multi-skilled professional who has helped advance my organization and enhance my own productivity. She has proven herself a valued contributor on grantwriting, conceptual thinking, analytical reasoning and sound business approaches. She is especially knowledgeable and helpful with social media. Gina is adept at grasping information as a quick-study, but she’s someone who is always investing in herself to learn new skills, practices and perspectives. She is personable, reliable, punctual, patient, dependable and enjoyable to work with. Gina would be a solid, savvy and successful impact-player in a variety of business or organizational settings.”

–David Stipech, Station Manager at KUNR Reno Public Radio


amaraanneauthorphoto“One of the best things I got out of enrolling in D’vorah Lansky’s Virtual Book Tour (VBT) course was getting to know Gina Akao. I had sent out a request for a virtual assistant to D’vorah’s unique community of experts in various  fields and she responded. That was the beginning of a business relationship that has become a great blessing to my entire organization. I am a consultant in marriage, family, and relationships, with a special interest in the impact of cultural values on relationships. After a few sessions with Gina, she not only came up with creative ways to package my message, she navigated the Internet to locate an appropriate and affordable hosting service for my website and helped me focus my publicity efforts to reach my target groups. She re-designed my website, making it more professional, eye-catching, and more user-friendly. She got me into blogging, and she edits and posts my materials. In a short amount of time, I was connected to WordPress.com, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and much more. I will also be launching my weekly TalkRadio Podcast show. My progress on my projects was brought about by the able assistance of Gina Akao, who knows what it takes to succeed in the Internet world. She is also an accomplished grant writer and will be involved in the fundraising programs of my non-profit, Amara Cares. Gina’s knowledge, compassion, commitment, and professionalism gives me the excitement to recommend her highly for any Internet job and beyond.”

–Amara Anne Onujiogu, Ed.D, MPH, RN

(AKA, Dr. Mother Love)



Gideon For-mukwai

“Back in 2009, Gina helped me in editing my book, “Facing Adversity with Audacity.” She went beyond the call of duty and spent extra time in providing me with suggestions and advice on many useful areas. I went away with a deep appreciation for her commitment, clarity and professionalism. When I work on my next book, I ‘d be sure to seek her help again.”

–Gideon For-mukwai, XtraMileSolutions


Kathy Heslop “Gina is very professional and enthusiastic. Her communication skills are excellent; she is very detail-oriented. I would definitely recommend Gina, and will seek her services for my next project.”

–Kathy Heslop, PhD student in Geography at University of Nevada, Reno



“I have the pleasure of knowing Gina for about a year.  She has been a great help to me by editing my graduate school written assignments. As a non-native speaker, I struggle with grammatical and stylistic aspects of the language when it comes to academic writing. Gina is a very knowledgeable, detail-oriented person whose editing skills I absolutely trust. Not only does she correct or suggest better variations, but also she explains the rules of English grammar and punctuation so one can learn from her. I am certain that Gina’s professional skills as an editor can be applied to many fields.”

–Olga Martinez, graduate student in Educational Leadership at University of Nevada, Reno

ElizabethArmstrong“Gina Akao arrived in my life in a timely manner.  My book was almost complete and I needed an editor.  Ms. Akao was very professional and was prompt with delivering the results to my editing needs.  Her comments were honest and supportive.  She also provided excellent suggestions on how I may optimize on my performance with re-purposing strategies.  Thank you Gina Akao for working with me to complete my book.”

–Elizabeth Armstrong, Ph.D., author of Align with the Wild, www.jazzyeco.com

Bettina Sparkles

“Gina recently successfully assisted me
and was very attentive to my problem.”
–Bettina Sparkles, Author and Mentor

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