Last Chance to Join Me for Angie’ s Instant Time Mastery Course and Get Your Free WordPress Training Bonus!

By | May 7, 2015
Hi folks,

Are you pressed for time? Having trouble sleeping? Wondering how to get everything done on your “To Do” list? As a business owner and Virtual Assistant, I often feel pressed for time. If only there could be more hours added to my day! Plus, with a wedding to plan, a move coming up, and a new book series coming out, I have a lot on my plate!

That’s why I signed up for my next online course! Take it along with me!

For just 3 payments of $164.26 US dollars ($200 AUS), you’re going to learn alongside me tools that you can use in life for years to come!

I know Angie through a yearly membership called the Joint Venture Insider Circle, where marketers promote each other and form lasting friendships with their JV partners. As I’ve gotten to know Angie, I can easily see that she’s the most focused, most organized, and most productive of almost all my clients who hire me as a VA. We worked together on this launch, in fact, and over 2,000 people have already viewed her amazing videos and taken advantage of the time-saving tools she shares.

Are you ready to INSTANTLY MASTER TIME???

Watch this TODAY (it comes down at midnight tonight).

This is the most straight forward, no fluff, practical training available, and it was designed for entrepreneurs exactly like you.


To reward your action taking, we are giving you these powerful BONUSES:

 BONUS #1: A spot in my “Build Your Blog in a Week” Training eCourse. This is normally sold for $247! Just hit reply after you’ve grabbed a spot in Angie’s program and I’ll send you the link to access your bonus.

Instant Time Mastery comes with a 100% no-risk guarantee – and a 100% guarantee that you’ll really double your productivity (which is a big deal). Here’s the link again, make sure you register before the end of the day to make sure you get in < – and to make sure you get our bonus package.

Instant Time Mastery Last Day Registration Register now, and take your productivity to the next level today.

Gina Akao
Writing and Editing Today, Owner

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P.S. If you want to share Angie’s program and get even more money off this great opportunity, become Angie’s affiliate! Remember, you’ll get a free spot in my WordPress training program if you sign up today before the cart closes.
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