Maximize Your Message BONUS Day 6: Angela Artemis

Less Worry, More Clients

Would you like to worry less and have more clients?

About Angela

Angela Artemis works with entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers & authors who are scared to sell and tired of working way too hard for too few clients so that they get more clients, make money and feel authentic and self-assured in the process. She is a speaker, best-selling author of “The Intuition Principle,” award winning blogger, internationally recognized intuition expert and business coach and money mindset mentor. What Angela’s really good at is rooting out the inner barriers that keep coaches from making more money, knowing their worth and confidently stepping out and proclaiming their expertise. Her passion is teaching entrepreneurs and coaches to learn to trust their instincts in business so they stop second-guessing themselves and to eliminate the limiting beliefs that hold them back from becoming wildly successful entrepreneurs. What inspires her is empowering them with reliable inner guidance and mindset tools plus winning business strategies to help them build a thriving business and permanently escape the 9 to 5 grind for good!

Intuition is Angela’s secret weapon. She has an uncanny knack for reading between the lines of the problems and challenges that keep coaches stuck at a certain income level in their business and helping them to finally shift out of it.

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