Here is a list of some of the websites built/maintained by Writing and Editing Today:

  1. Author, Gina Akao’s blog, www.gina.akao.com
  2. Dr.  Amara Anne Onujiogu’s blog, http://amaracares.wordpress.com/
  3. Dr.  Amara Anne Onujiogu’s blog, https://doctormotherlove.wordpress.com/
  4. Dr.  Amara Anne Onujiogu’s nonprofit, http://amaracares.org
  5. Author, Shirley Moore’s website, http://mooreideas.com/
  6. Artist, Donna St. John’s website, http://donnastjohn.com/
  7. Author, DeeDee Boies’ website, http://deedeeboies.com/
  8. Author, Ben Garrido’s website, http://bengarrido.com/
  9. Artist, Alli Berman’s website, http://alliberman.com/
  10. Chef, Amy Akao’s website, http://www.amyakao.com/
  11. Business Owner, Brian Kale’s website, http://swaggybear.com/
  12. Author, Val Dumond’s website, http://www.pandoras100januarys.com/
  13. Author, LoLo Smith’s website, http://www.livingstorybooks.com/
  14. Author, Matt Bayan’s website, http://matthewbayan.com/

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