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Discover How to Maximize Your Message with Technology!

Your Host, Gina Akao

Your Host, Gina Akao

During this free 14-part teleseminar series, you will learn:

  • How to get your message to your target audience through the use of technology
  • Tips and Tricks on WordPress Blogs
  • What a Virtual Book Tour is
  • How to overcome what blocks you
  • Much more

Whether you’ve been writing in a void and are not sure how to connect with your audience or have a great business idea but don’t know how to communicate it online to reach your ideal clients, this free teleseminar series is for you!



Gina Akao

Writing and Editing Today, Owner

4 thoughts on “Register for Writing and Editing Today’s Free Teleseminar Series!

  1. Shoshana Rhodes

    I have a couple of questions for you. How often does the 14-part teleseminar series have posted materials to view? Are these materials archived, or do I have to log on at certain times & days? Do you have a schedule of events? Thanks so much!

    1. Gina Akao Post author

      Great questions! You’ll receive one interview recording per week for 14 weeks. I’ll send out email reminders with the links to the recordings. All of the calls are on-demand for our global audience, so you can listen at your own convenience. No login is required for the free pass. The schedule of speakers is listed in the Welcome Packet once you register.

  2. Peggy McAloon

    Gina has a winner with her teleseminar series. Not only has she chosen a great line-up of experts, but the topics are exactly what today’s busy writer and entrepreneur needs to answer their toughest questions. She was kind enough to set it all up on an “on-demand” format for not only a global audience, but for folks like me who are struggling after a slight accident. The fact that I can listen at my leisure is a tremendous plus. Most of all, I love Gina’s enthusiasm! It’s fun to pay attention to the lessons when the moderator is excited about the material and shows it! Great series Gina, and I can’t wait for more from you!

  3. J.Q. Rose

    Gina produced a clear, professional teleseminar packed with information from experts. I loved being able to listen to the segments on my time which was mostly when I was fixing supper, cleaning up, and folding laundry! I plan to listen to the content again to refresh the points so I can put them into action.


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